QDon't only old people play bowls?

ANot true! Bowls is a Commonwealth Games sport and the average age of the Australian Bowls team is actually younger than that of the Australian Cricket team! Whilst it’s true that many bowlers are in an older age bracket, there are also a number of younger players out there on the green. Bowls is a rare sport in that it can be played by people of all ages, so whether you’re 9 or 99, you can get on the green and have a bowl.

QCan I bring my family down to the Bowlo?

AMost definitely – bowls clubs are always family-friendly. Bowls is a great sport because the whole family can play together and have a great time. Apart from the normal liquor laws that apply to a licensed venue, everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the facilities of a club. A lot of clubs will even have a children’s area for use.

QCan I hurt myself playing bowls?

AUnless you invent a mixed martial arts version of bowls, you are unlikely to get injured playing the game – it’s a non-contact sport. Though as it's most often played during the warmer months, be sure to slip, slop, slap and stay hydrated.

QCan people with a disability also play bowls?

ABowls is proud to be an inclusive sport, with programmes in place so that people with disabilities can participate. All Bowlos have disability parking and wheelchair access to the clubs and greens, plus friendly volunteers or staff who will gladly assist if needed.

QWhat equipment do I need to play bowls?

AThe only thing you need to bring to the Bowlo is enthusiasm and the willingness to have a go. All of our clubs will have bowls available to use. To play socially you don’t need any special clothing and, for footwear, reasonably flat-soled shoes or going barefoot is perfectly fine.

QI’ve never played before – how do you bowl?

AJust turn up and learn as you go. It doesn’t matter if you have never played before, as club volunteers or staff will give you the basics on how to bowl. Bowls is a very easy sport to pick up – you just need to get your bowl closer than everyone else to the small white or yellow ball called a jack. That might be easier said than done but it’s a simple game to understand and get into!

QWhat other facilities do clubs have?

AA lot of bowling clubs are termed sport and recreation clubs, so you may find your local Bowlo will have other activities available. Games such as pool and darts are quite common. All bowling clubs will definitely have a bar to purchase drinks and many will also have food options from either the bar or the kitchen. Some even have a café or restaurant! Other facilities may include a TAB, gaming machines and/or Foxtel for live sport. Clubs will have designated smoking areas or be smoke-free. Check with your local club to find out what they offer.

QIs Bowls the type of Sport I can play whilst enjoying a beer?

AAbsolutely. Bowls clubs are not-for-profit community organisations, so you will most likely find their bar prices cheaper than an average pub or hotel. Some clubs may have restrictions on bringing alcohol onto the green, especially if it’s a synthetic surface, however players are always welcome to drink on the sidelines or ‘the bank’ as it’s called in bowls terms. But remember to bowl and drink responsibly.

Not sure if bowls is for you?

Bowls is a diverse sport catering for every level of fitness and experience. There are several different types of games to choose from, so take a look and find out which one is best suited to you or your event.

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