What’s to love about your bowlo

These days, the Bowlo has a lot to offer, whether it’s a cheap drink, an appetising meal, a friendly roll or a planned get together – your local Bowlo has it covered. Bowls is a family-friendly sport that anyone can play, so why not give it a go? Support your local Bowlo and support your community by becoming a member. Just drop into your local Bowlo and find out what’s to love – we guarantee you will be back again soon.

So much more than just bowls

Your local Bowlo is so much more than just bowls – it’s a hub for community entertainment. Bowls clubs are all about bringing people together for good times, so most local Bowlos will offer full bar facilities (with happy hours), along with meal options and a variety of recreational activities such as pool, darts and, of course, bowls! Social nights, club events and raffles are also common. Clubs are family-friendly and new members and guests are always welcome. Your local Bowlo is also a great place to hold an event, whether it be a milestone birthday, corporate function, engagement party or even a wedding. So check out your local club and see what’s on offer.